How to convert your bathroom into a wet room

a walk in shower with tray and screen

Why convert Your bathroom to a wet room?

A wet room is a popular choice amongst many homeowners. From those desiring a touch of luxury in their house, to busy family households with young children. Wet rooms are also the ideal solution for those with limited mobility.

Wet rooms are basically shower rooms that do away with the shower screen and tray, and have an open, fully tiled shower area.

Although it would be easy to update and replace sanitaryware and shower systems in an existing bathroom, a complete wet room conversion can bring more value to your home. Wetrooms are celebrated for being easy to clean, safe, and practical. But how easily can you convert a bathroom into a wetroom?

Choice of room

If you’ve got more than one bathroom, it is a good idea to choose carefully which one you want to convert. While any size bathroom can work for a wetroom conversion, a small downstairs toilet is probably not going to be ideal. An en-suite bathroom is ideal to convert into a wetroom. Whereas other bathrooms may be useful for guests or other family members, an en-suite wetroom gives the master bedroom added luxury a greater sense of privacy and adds value to your home.

Bathroom size

The size of the room or where is is situated in the house does not have to be a critical factor. A wetroom can be installed on any floor including an attic. If you have awkward or unusual angles or a sloping ceiling, a wetroom can still be installed. This means a wetroom is much more effective than a bathroom and can often be a better use of space. A wetroom screen or partition can be fitted to any shape of room, to section off your shower from the rest of your room. This prevents water spray or runoff, which is especially important for smaller rooms. Excess water that isn’t managed properly can quickly cause costly damage.

Tanking or waterproofing.

The most important aspect in wet room layout and design is the waterproofing or tanking of the area. Here at we offer a choice of different tanking kits, a paint on solution and a membrane product. The Orca comes in two sizes 5 metres or 10 metres. When tanking is applied correctly it ensures that the room is watertight.

Wet Room Drainage

Installing a wet room is a job for the professionals or someone very competent, as a gradient needs to be created along the floor to channel the shower water into a drain. The entire room needs to be tanked (waterproofed).

An important aspect is the drainage of the wet room. One of the first things to consider when planning a wet room is where to position the drain. Ideally the drain should be as far away from the bathroom door as possible to minimise any risk of water escaping the room. A well-designed wet room can manage water run-off or a build-up of condensation or damp. This is through a combination of the correct ventilation and drainage. Nobody wants pooling water on their bathroom floor as this can be a slip hazard.

With modern wet room technology, there are many stylish options for all kinds of wet rooms. This is regardless of the available space. In fact, one of the biggest changes from a bathroom to a wet room is the flooring. In most cases a slope or incline will need to be created. This is to make sure that the drainage is correct. Drainage is critical in wet room design, meaning it’s both discreet and functional. Bathrooms often lack this aspect. This means they can feel outdated by comparison.

If you have a wooden sub-floor, the way your joists run is crucial to where your drain can be positioned. You’ll also need to think about which way the gradient falls towards the waste will run, to avoid any tricky wedging effects.’

Wet room floor formers

All our floor formers have built in falls or inclines for drainage, and we offer a few excellent options:

The Marlin floor former has two built in falls or inclines.

The Rhino has four falls or inclines. The Rhino is particularly useful if you are going to choose mosaic tiles for the flooring. This is due to the design which has four falls or inclines which remove the need for an envelope cut in the tiling.

We also sell the Soliddec

and AKW Tuff Form these floor formers are all very good products. All our floor formers come with a lifetime guarantee. This is ensuring that they are fitted according to the instructions, which are included with the product. This is also dependent of the lifetime of the tiles that are used. Vinyl or tiles can be used for the flooring depending on which type of floor former that you choose to be installed.

As long as a wet room is designed and fitted correctly, it will be a stylish, practical and valuable asset to your home.