How to make your wet room or bathroom eco-friendly

Everyone is being made aware of the effect that we are having on the planet, however it is really easy to make your bathroom or wet room not only practical and luxurious but also eco-friendly.

Cabinets and counter tops

By choosing natural materials as far as possible for your cabinets such as wood they will not only look great but will not damage the environment as they do not contain harmful chemicals that cause pollution and they are easily recycled. Glass stone or wood counter tops are also great green choices that look fabulous and are much more environmentally friendly than materials such as MDF or acrylic.


Lighting is another area where we can help save the planet. LED lights are not only eco- friendly but they also save you money on electricity and don’t need to be replaced as often as ordinary light bulbs. LED bulbs can be used to obtain a luxury and stylish feel for your bathroom from down lighters to classic or contemporary wall lights and lighting for bathroom mirrors.

Wet room and shower screens

Consider installing a shower screen or wet room screen. Not only do they look much better and more stylish than a shower curtain but they are also easier to clean and are much more eco- friendly. Most shower curtains have vinyl liners which give off harmful fumes when they burn and are not recyclable.


A shower uses much less water than a bath 8-minute shower will use 62 litres of water, compared to an average of 80 litres that a bath uses. In our busy lives showering is also less time consuming than taking a bath. Another way to save water is to not run the tap whilst cleaning our teeth there is no need and this really wastes water. Consider also buying a dual flush toilet as this gives you the option of using either 6 litres or 3 litres of water per flush.

Annually, household leaks can waste approximately 900 billion gallons of water nationwide, in addition to costing homeowners thousands every year, water waste has a massive effect on the environment. Never ignore any drips or leaks and by waterproofing your wet room properly you can be confident that this will never leak. Our Orca wet room tanking kits are 100% guaranteed never to leak.

Beauty and bathing products

Natural and organic beauty products are not only kinder and better for your skin but they are also good for the planet. By trying to buy products that are contained in recyclable packaging, and by cutting open bottles to make the most of the product inside, and buying dual-use products that work harder, we can buy from brands that are committed to placing sustainability front and centre.


Like your beauty and bathing products you can help the environment by making sure that the cleaning products that you use are using packaging that is recyclable. Also there are many natural alternatives to harmful chemical cleaners, such bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, lemons and good old elbow grease.

So with a few changes in your bathroom you can be sure that you are doing your bit for the environment without compromising on looks or efficiency.