Top 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to install a wet room

banner image for simply wet rooms of a lady taking a shower

1. Installing a wet room will future proof your bathroom. As we age, our muscles, bones and joints undergo physical changes that can have a negative influence on our mobility, which can impede our independence. Wet rooms have level access which means there are no tripping hazards, and the risk of slipping is greatly reduced.

2. Wet rooms are stylish and contemporary. They are open plan so they can look sleek spacious, ultra-modern and uncluttered yet they can also look equally elegant in a more traditional home. . There are endless ways in which the wet room can be decorated, using for example, vinyl, ceramic tiles, natural stone, marble, mosaics and decorative wall boards, ensuring there are plenty of options to design a beautiful bathing space.

3. Obviously a wet room gives that air of opulence, and is an aspirational, stylish and often contemporary room setting.

4. Many independent studies have suggested that a new bathroom / wet room will add value to your home. When showing prospective purchasers around your home, it is generally accepted that a statement kitchen and bathroom will have that wow factor and be remembered by your prospective buyers.

5. Although wet rooms are very often an aspirational lifestyle. It should be remembered that they also have a practical use for less able-bodied people too. Wet rooms are designed for use for all ages, from young to old and everyone will benefit from it in their own way. From a feeling of style and space, to a feeling of independence and safety.

6. A wet room will also give you that feeling of space. By removing the old bath and fitting a wet room former and tanking kit instead, you will gain space that perhaps you didn’t realise was possible.

7. A wet room can be installed almost anywhere. Upstairs, downstairs, basements with the aid of a shower waste pump, or even loft rooms. On wooden floors or concrete. A wet room is feasible just about anywhere in your home. Many people do not realise that it is safer to install a wet room rather than a shower tray. A shower tray will rely on a bead of Silicone to stop it from leaking. Whereas a wet room will be tanked and will be completely waterproof. Our Orca tanking membrane also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

8. Wet rooms are no longer the product for the wealthier. Our wet room kits are well within reach of most people’s budgets.

9. A shower tray may offer a lifetime guarantee. But that is not a guarantee that it will not leak. Our wet rooms whether Rhino, Marlin, SolidDec or AKW all have a lifetime of tile guarantee. This means that as long as your tiles are down your wet room is guaranteed not to leak! Once you remove the tiles the guarantee understandably finishes. But the reason that you were changing your tiles is most likely to be that you are changing your wet room / bathroom again. However, if you have the same tiles down for ten, twenty or even fifty years you are still under guarantee.

10. Finally, when you have a wet room installed, then you will be 100% water tight as your room will either be tanked (waterproofed), or if using a vinyl floor covering, be protected by that, as it not only covers the floor but also is installed partially up the walls and is vinyl welded in the corners. This is why some of the best known hotels in the world install wet rooms in their hotels….because they are safer than shower trays, and do not cost lost revenue due to out of commission rooms.