Top 7 Reasons why you should have a Wet room from Simply Wetrooms

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Call it a walk-in shower or wet room, they are all the rage now with their fully tiled shower area. Over the years, they are increasing in demand, and you could see tons of ideas for wet rooms online. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider a wet room from Simply Wetrooms:

1. Accessibility
Well, for starters, wet rooms are an accessible way to shower for children and people with mobility issues. Wet rooms are convenient for the disabled and wheel-chair bound while providing a liberating experience.

2. Easy to Clean
Another advantage of walk-in showers is the ease of maintaining cleanliness. Apart from giving a contemporary touch to your bathroom, it adds practicality to it as well. Properly installed wet rooms are waterproof, ensuring that the floors or walls do not leak. It also means you can install it on any floor of your house without worrying about plumbing or leakage issues.

3. Flexibility of Design
Wet rooms add to the visual appeal of your bathroom. If you are creative yourself or leave it to the experts, they can surely add a wow factor to your bathroom. Wet rooms look chic and stylish with their minimalist design. Plus, you have so many options to go with regarding materials and textures.
Walk-in showers allow you with the flexibility to integrate a variety of materials like concrete, wood, and stone. You can make a wet room in both small and large spaces. This allows you with the option to tailor the layout of your wet room as per your requirements. You get the feel of extra room in your bathroom with wet rooms.

4. Enhanced Durability
Wet rooms are waterproof. They are integrated into your bathroom in such a manner and feature a design highly resistant to leaks and moisture damage. This way your walk-in shower area looks newer for longer because you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on its maintenance.

5. Adds a Luxurious Touch
If you research wetrooms you would notice the variety of sleek tiling and spacious feel wet rooms come with. They add a luxurious feel to your bathroom.

6. Boosts space usage
Most of the designs online suggest smaller bathrooms for them. If you do not require a bath, you could simply replace it with a walk-in shower that would open space considerably. As you have little space to work with, there is no need for a bulky shower enclosure with doors.

7. Boost the value of your home
Buyers are always looking for a unique feature in homes before buying. Adding a new bathroom to your home adds an extra 2.88% to its value, and a wet room is likely to add more to it. For people today, wet rooms or walk-in showers are a modern, practical, and desirable addition to a spacious bathroom.
If you too want to install a wet room in your bathroom, then take a look at the wet rooms here at Simply Wet Rooms. They have a wide range of styles and layouts to choose from and provide you with sanitary fittings, shower screens, Tanking and fantastic prices on complete bathroom suites too.