What is a wet room?

What is a wet room? Simply Wetrooms explains…

When you think about what a wet room is, there are many different views on what constitutes what one is.

In essence, a wet room is a room that is waterproofed (or tanked using a tanking product such as Orca wet room tanking kit), and where the shower floor is the same level as the rest of the room. Unlike a conventional shower room, which will have some form of enclosure, a wet room allows for a completely flat floor.

Although there is no necessity to have an enclosure, some wet room installers and DIYers like to have a wet room screen to help stop water from going outside the shower area.

To help create that flat floor, Simply Wetrooms have three products to help “floor form” for easier wet room creation.

What are the advantages of a wet room?

When it comes to making a decision between choosing a wet room and a standard shower enclosure, a wet room has many advantages.

The advantages of a wet room

  • A wet room is the perfect solution for people with limited mobility. For the wheelchair bound, a shower enclosure is almost impossible to get into without assistance, and even then, not without it’s problems. Because a wet room has a perfectly flat floor, a wheel chair can be moved easily and safely into the shower area. Even for those not in a wheel chair but with limited mobility, a wet room is a great choice.
  • A wet room is ideal for for those with limited space. Wherever you’re looking at installing a wet room in your property, it’s going to take up less room than a traditional bathroom. They can be installed at any level of a property, and can be installed on both timber or concrete bases.
  • The “modern” choice for shower installations. When it comes to replacing a traditional bathroom with something modern and stylish, a wet room is a great choice. Modern living is more about making best use of the spaces available, and even contemporary “open-space” design. Wet rooms often feel and “look” bigger than a traditional counter-part.
  • Sleek and Stylish wet room design. With it’s clean, minimalist lines and “fresh” look, a wet room adds a touch of luxury to your home. And because they are easier to clean than a traditional bathroom, it’ll mean less time wiping down and more spent in them!
  • Can help growing / large families. By adding a wet room to a property, especially where the family numbers making having one bathroom difficult, can be a real advantage. And because they can be created pretty much anywhere, you could add a wet room as an en-suite, or even convert an existing room into one. You can even make better use of somewhere you wouldn’t consider a natural room, such as under stairs or an outside connecting building. And because a wet room can be used by anyone, it’s ideal for the younger children!
  • Adding a wet room can increase the value of your property. By either converting an existing older style bathroom, or by adding a new wet room, a stylish modern wet room will only add value to your property!
  • Lower cost than a modern contemporary bathroom. Compared to all of the equipment and materials needed for a traditional bathroom installation, a wet room installation can be installed at a lower cost even using the very highest quality equipment which Simply Wetrooms supply.