What is included in a wet room kit?

a picture of a wet room kit, a marlin floor former with a paint on tanking kit

The importance of choosing the right equipment for your wet room installation

If you’re looking to install your perfect wet room, simply choosing a floor former is not enough, especially if you’re converting an existing room or creating a wet room from scratch.

Unlike a traditional bathroom installation, a wet room needs to be waterproof. One thing that is often forgotten about is the most important aspect of all – tanking (also known as waterproofing).

A tanking kit is used after the floor former has been installed and the waste is connected and creates a waterproof barrier under the tiles (both on the floors and walls) in your new wet room.

Historically, we’ve always supplied our Orca tanking kit as the only tanking option. The Orca is a cold applied, self-adhesive membrane which is available in both 5m and 10m squared kits. Complete with a lifetime guarantee, the Orca when installed correctly will never leak.

But we understand that the price of a full tanking kit can be prohibitive. And that’s why we’re proud to now be able to provide a paint-on tanking kit.

And one question we’re often asked is, do you supply a wet room kit which includes both a floor former as well as the waterproofing?

With the introduction of our paint on water proofing kit, we’re also now offering wet room kits at discounted prices.

You can purchase our best selling Rhino or Marlin floor formers, complete with either a 5m or 10m Orca tanking kit or a paint on tanking kit together with a 5% discount on the list price of the items separately!

Our range of floor formers come in a range of sizes to fit nearly any wet room requirement, and with a choice of waterproofing kits included, they really do make the best choice when it comes to fitting your perfect wet room.

All of our floor formers come complete with a lifetime guarantee, so that you can rest assured on the quality of the former.

Below are our wet room kits available for purchase.

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