What is the best wet room?

a simply wetroom wetroom installation

Should you own a wet room at home, or you are looking to get one installed, you will notice just how useful they can be. Wet rooms make a wise investment for any homeowner who is looking for something nice and easy to get installed. When you install the right kind of wet room, it can become an excellent room just for ensuring you can get more done in the one simple place. If you are unsure which system to choose, we are always here to help and advise.

What is a wet room?
A wet room is a solution that you should look to get installed if you want or need something simple yet effective to get showered within. They are essentially bathrooms with a slight gradient in the shower area that will effectively deliver the shower waste water efficiently to the drain in the floor. This is achieved by the use of a floor former.  A floor former is similar to a shower tray. But it goes in the floor rather than on it. The floor former has the gradient to the drain built into it. By using a Wetroom screen you contain the water within the shower area. So when someone tells you that the whole bathroom will get wet. You can put them right!

Tanking kits

Tanking kits are one of the most important things to have installed within your wetroom. The Tanking will be fitted after the floor former. Once applied it can be tiled on. Tiles do not make your wetroom water tight. The tanking does that. If your wetroom isn’t water-tight before you tile it, it won’t be after you tile it. You should be able to run water on your floor without tiles being fitted. The tiles are a barrier but in reality, are simply decorative.

Floor formers
Floor formers are available in different materials and in many different shapes and sizes. As mentioned above, Floor formers are fitted into the floor. They can be fitted to wooden Floors or Concrete. If you want tiles as a decorative finish we would suggest Marlin or Rhino. If it is Vinyl sheet finish that you need then use TuffForm or SolidDec. Incidentally, if you are using a vinyl sheet finish you do not need and should not use tanking. It can react with the glue used to fit it. The vinyl flooring will dress up the wall by around 150mm and be vinyl welded in the corners. Therefore, is waterproof. You will often see this in Nursing homes and hospitals.

Wet room screens

We have awide range of wetroom screens available. By placing a screen at the edge of your showering area you will keep the water where you want it and not all over your bathroom. People occasionally opt for two screens. One at the long side of the shower area and one on the shorter “end”. This will keep even more water in the shower area.

We only supply 8mm thick screens. This is because 10mm screens do not keep any more water in but cost more. They are also 20% heavier than 8mm thick screens and therefore heavier to install. We do not sell 6mm screens simply because they “Wobble” when knocked, unlike 8mm. So if comparing prices please ensure that what you are looking at are 8mm thick and 2mtrs tall like ours.

Tiled flooring
The most common finish for a wet room would of course be tiled flooring. Tiles make the most sense as they tend to look the most functional and the most suitable to a bathroom environment. They are a good choice as you also have so many different types of tiling to pick from.
You can normally look to get something that is safe to walk upon, too. The thing to consider is getting the right kind of tile; for a wet room, we often recommend natural stone or mosaic.

Vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring is a good choice if it will be used more by perhaps elderly members of the household or even the less able-bodied. Even when it is soaking wet, vinyl is among the most anti—slip surfaces around, so this makes it great for using in a wet room. We would recommend vinyl flooring in wet rooms where seniors might regularly be using the system.
This will help you to get flooring that is smooth yet safe. It’s a big reason why we’d recommend going for some wet room flooring made from vinyl: it’s both simple and safe.

What is the right choice for me?

Always take into account the size of the room, who will use the room, and your budget. With these three factors in mind, choosing a solution that works for you, not against you, should be quite easy. If you would like to discuss it with us, please feel free to call us for an informal chat.