Why A Tanking Kit Is Vital To Your New Wetroom

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The elements that make up an effective wetroom are wide ranging, but the most important has to be the waterproofing.

The first port of call for the waterproofing of your new wetroom will be finding the right tanking kit.

What is a tanking kit?

Following the installation of the floor former and once the waste is connected (we can also help you with products for these stages) you will need waterproofing to lay under the tiles. It will act as a barrier from water in your new wetroom.
By choosing Simply Wetrooms you can find one of the best tanking kits in the market. Our Orca tanking kit is a cold applied, self adhesive membrane available in 5 or 10 square metre kits, and comes with a lifetime guarantee, and you can be sure that when installed properly it will not leak.

Our Orca tanking kits will stretch slightly on movement without losing integrity to ensure long-lasting, durable and quality waterproofing for your wetroom.

As an alternative to Orca, we also offer a paint on kit. This kit includes primer, paste /paint, Flexible bridging tape and pipe and gully gaskets.

There is enough in the kit to cover 8 sq Mtrs with 2 coats. Once dry it can be tiled. Any surface covered by this product is considered impermeable and therefore does not require priming before tiling.