SolidDec Vinyl Waste inc Non return valve

£88.56 inc. VAT

  • For use with SolidDec floor former
  • For use with restricted depth.
  • Excellent flow rate
  • Water discharge opens and closes valve.
soliddec vinyl waste including none return valve
SolidDec Vinyl Waste inc Non return valve

£88.56 inc. VAT

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Suitable for SolidDec where limited depth for the waste is a factor.
For use with Vinyl sheet finish.
This product is a substitute for a regulatory water seal trap.
The weight of the water discharge will open and close the valve.
There is a minimum flow rate of 30 Ltrs per Minute in 15mm head of water.
Please see Hints and tips.

Hints & Tips

It is advisable to seek guidance from local building control prior to use, as there are currently no regulations to cover anything other than a water seal trap.