Orca Wet Room Tanking Kit (5m or 10m)

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Our Very Own Wet Room Tanking Kit

  • Available in either 5m or 10m
  • Critical for waterproofing or tanking a room before conversion into a wetroom
  • Suitable for concrete or wooden floors
  • Trimmable
  • Tile on immediately
  • Lifetime of Tiles Guarantee
orca wet room tanking kit membrane
Orca Wet Room Tanking Kit (5m or 10m)
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Arguably the most critical part of any wet room is the tanking. A wet room tanking kit is used to provide water proofing to your wetroom and are essential when it comes to ensuring that floors and walls remain waterproof during the life of the wetroom.

Once your floor former is in place and the waste connected, you then need to lay your tanking membrane before tiling. Our Orca wet room tanking kit is one of the very best out there on the market. It is easier to work with than most sheet membranes, is self adhesive, and comes complete with a lifetime of tile guarantee. This means that as long as you have your tiles on the floor, your Orca wet room tanking kit is guaranteed.

It has two main benefits.

  • Firstly the Orca is designed for use on wooden and concrete floors, and will stretch slightly with any movement without losing integrity
  • Secondly, you can tile immediately on to Orca saving valuable time and money

NB: If you are having a vinyl floor finish you do not need, and should not use tanking.

Looking for a paint-on tanking kit? No problem! We provide both membrane style and paint-on tanking kits in our tanking kit range.

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5m, 10m

Hints & Tips

We recommend that you cut each length of Orca to size and then roll out in the bathroom to fix.
Always follow the instructions and do not be tempted to deviate. The instructions, method and materials are the only things you need…….Nothing else.
Follow our advice and instructions, and we promise that it WILL NOT LEAK!

Installation Instructions

Download Orca Tanking Kit Installation Instructions


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