Paint On Tanking Kit

£81.81 inc. VAT

This complete tanking kit can be used on the walls as well as the floor.

  • Sufficient to cover approx 8m sq
  • 1 Litre Primer.
  • 2 Pipe entry Collars
  • 2 x 10 cm x 5 Mtr Elastromeric Flexible Tape Rolls.
  • 5 Litre Tanking Liquid Membrane.
wet room paint on tanking kit and waterproofing
Paint On Tanking Kit

£81.81 inc. VAT

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This kit is a combined waterproof membrane system designed to protect tiled areas such as Wetrooms, showers, bathrooms and kitchen utility areas. It will inhibit the passage of moisture in the tiled area, into substrates such as plaster,render,plasterboard’s,tile backer boards,timber,suspended floors and plywood overlays It can be applied by brush or roller over suitably prepared surfaces. When used with the Elastromeric joint and pipe entry tape (supplied) it has sufficient flexural strength to bridge cracks, wall and floor joints and maintains a seal around water pipes as well as the gully outlet.

There is enough liquid in this kit to apply 2 coats over an 8 sq Mtr smooth, flat area.

In our opinion ALL wetroom formers should be tanked. The only exception to this is when a vinyl flooring is to be used as a finish. In this case tanking is not needed as the flooring is dressed up the wall and is “Vinyl welded” in the corners.

This tanking kit has been tried and tested and is manufactured by one of the most respected manufacturers.

This is a complete Wetroom tanking kit.


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